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Coin Costuming with Amira

Learn How to Create Beautiful Coin Costumes from Scratch, a Full

2-Hour DVD with Ebook - ONLY $49!



To purchase DVD for just $49 for the 2-hour DVD and ebook, click here now.

Now you can learn all the steps, shortcuts and sources for creating professional quality coin costumes. This video features two costume formats - one using large coins and one with smaller coins, and goes step by step through the process. And to make it even easier, you'll receive an ebook via email that gives you a list of items you'll need, where to get them, and more step by step instructions with photos and illustrations.

Even if you don't know much about sewing, you can follow this process and create a fabulous coin costume. If you've been sewing a while, we'll give you some nifty tricks you'll use on every dance costume you make from here on out, and we'll reveal the secret to how to get those coins to lie flat and move on your costume evenly and naturally. We'll provide options for small and larger coins, how to get the best results, and how to make it completely unique.

DVD includes:

  • Cutting your Belt Pattern
  • Preparing your Bra
  • Deciding on Bra Sides and Straps
  • Covering your Belt
  • Covering the Bra
  • Preparing the Coins
  • How to Sew the Coins on your Costume
  • Finishing Details
  • Where to Find EVERYTHING!
  • An Ebook with All the Details!
  • and so much more....

And if you still need more help, it's just an email or phone call away. Seriously, you're not on your own - I'm here to help!

You'll be able to use this video to create many different coin costume styles, and it will also help you make other kinds of costumes easier, faster and better. My experience making many, many troupe costumes has taught me all the shortcuts and improvements, and now you can benefit from my decades of sewing experience to make your own coin costumes at a fraction of the price you'd pay for ready-made, and with better quality and fit.

Try out our new costume making video now, and you'll have your first fabulous new costume done in no time!


To purchase DVD for just $49 for the 2-hour DVD and ebook, click here now.


We GUARANTEE you'll be happy with your purchase or return it within 30 days for a full refund.

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